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Project Description


–Sensory hair brush created from my hair, cut by my five-year-old daughter.

–Sensory hair brush created from my hair, cut by my five-year-old daughter.

Starting August of 2017, I will be asking random people to partipate with me by creating something of their own using an unfinished paintbrush.  I found hundreds of handles thrown out around the corner from my studio-home.  After years of various interactions, I finally settled with the objective of sharing these handles with the public.  Each person agrees to document what they create and send an image to me.

I’ve recently been very interested in the creative process of adults.  Watching my daughter needing art as an important base of development, I have been especially curious about so many adults’ unrealized creativity.  As well, I am concerned about the general lack of support of art and music in the public education in Barcelona.  This project is questioning the role of art in the history and future of early education and young adults that can harbor continued knowledge into adulthood.

I will be handing out a yet determined amount of handles.  After receiving images from the public, I will create an archive.

Below: previous project created together with my daughter, using paintbrush handles to make sound installation.