Project Description

Can Ricart Shrine and Homeless Carts

Can Ricart Shrine.  Shrine made in front of Can Ricart in October, 2005. Can Ricart was a cluster of small businesses and artists’ workshops functioning inside various spaces of a factory built in 1853. Due to controversial expansion interests, the businesses and artists were forced to leave.  The Nau 21 wing was in negotiation to be returned to the artists who were using the building, but the day before the building was to be returned it mysteriously went up in flames.

Homeless Carts. A couples’ storefront-home inspired by Design Boom call to artists.  These carts were burned in the Nau 21 fire.  The carts were created using the existing materials in the artist studio of the Can Font wing just before the factory space was closed for repairs and political consideration. Can Ricart was a place of contention due to commercial building desires and respect to patrimonial architectural history of the factory built in 1853. The section of the factory the artists had been using mysteriously burned down the day before the artists were allowed back into the factory.