Postcard Collective (collaboration)

For Fall, 2015, somanyprojects was selected to participate in The Postcard Collective.  “Polarities”
After thinking about types of polarities, I was drawn toward the concept of Universal Polarity (multiversal polarity?) in which all is equal. I had a stack of old photos which had been painted over with a group of children, in 2002.  I chose the photo-paintings because they were created as a collaborative project. For The Postcard Collective, holes were pressed and redistributed to represent a collective thought.

Each sent postcard was documented to display an image next to the matching artist´s received postcard.  Postcards were sent out by all artists during the first of November.  I sent all postcards several weeks before beginning to recieve the other artist´s cards.  I find that this project satisfies the desire to find serendipity in interactions.

When mailing the postcards… I fully realized that the symbol for the Spanish “correos”/mail has an icon of a royal crown.  There is presently a confrentation of independence of Catalunya from both Spain and kingdomship.

images can be opened into larger gallery view