Getting Off The Couch

This is the first result of trying to separate feathers from foam.  It took many more hours than I imagined to roughly sort two small coushions.  The dilema is the way the feathers became embedded into the foam and the foam broke into a minuscule mixture with the goose down.

Thank you artist Victoria Roestel who traded me two weeks studio space for art through La Polea Gallery project.

This is the first stage of experimenting with a couch from Ricard´s childhood.  Originally, it was understood that the couch was stuffed with feathers, only to find that the feathers were mixed with foam.  The sight of the mixture flashed images of the Albatross birds from Midway Island, photographed by Chris Jordan.

Presently, I am investigating the option of decomposing the foam and feather mixture by using mycelium.