functions lost


I finally went through “the box” of objects stored away on a corner of my always messy studio tables. Three years ago I emptied the vintage letter press drawers we have mounted on the wall. Our daughter grew tall enough to reach them. I had a collection of hundreds of objects, some were odd emotional pieces of memories: favorite tea cup handle, piece of trunk of bonsai tree, hummingbird from music box, dried candied egg yoke…. I finally made a decision to throw away the ones above. Let go… Diogenes, timed out.  After studying Psychology, my mother used the “time-out” technique with her children when we lost control. I remember the chair next to the laundry room in front of her collection of tiny objects. Ceramic plates and bowls with cobalt blue prints. A yellow canary that I broke and felt deeply horrible about. I had broken it on purpose in a time-out session. I glued it back together and still own it in my Missouri keepsake cabinet made by my father. These objects  reminded me to sit down and think about what it all means, and then let go.

Brad Noble laser guided painting Salas Gallery
Brad Noble laser guided painting
Salas Gallery