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A Touch of Child


Series of short pose sketches made in Cercle Artistic de Sant LLuc, later painted together with my three year old daughter.  An investigation of contemporary figurative expression trying to find the balance between my own marks and those of infantile randomness.  Indian ink and watercolor on discarded matboard.  12cm x 28cm

Sketches From Spain

SL   Enfinity

Sketches from Cercle Artistic de Sant Lluc.  The artist circle of Sant LLuc was founded in Barcelona in 1892.  Women were not allowed to participate in the group until 1920.   By using old books dated from 1892-1920 as sketch books during the figure drawing sessions, I represent women from that time period.

Cercle Artist de Sant LLuc

Short Stories From Spain

journey Enfinity

These images come from an old photo ablum that I found in the antique market Les Encants of Barcelona.  I made a series of short stories placing random images into a sequence.  The ablum has hundreds of images and nearly all of them are scenerios without any person.  The viewer has a chance to be one of the 1st to arrive.

Photographs are proofs in which the exposed area of the image is 2.25 cm x 4 cm.

Golden Salvage


Project dedicated to discarded paintings.  There are theories that the eye and movement of an artist (or viewer) is naturally drawn toward the dimensions of the golden rectangle.  I have been exploring old paintings that I find in the street. Intrigued by the fact that somebody discarded an image, my desire is to find points of beauty inside something rejected.  What makes an image appealing?  This series is a geometric investigation of form and placement which involves cutting up and recreating street discarded paintings using the Fibonacci golden ratio formula.

Dream Journal Collage


Pages from dream journal removed and taped together into 2m x 1.5 m image.  The  ink was made from ashes of previous dream page stars.  Dream page stars are 3 demensional stars made from old dreams.

La Polea Gallery

La Polea Gallery

Art Trade work in progress…