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    --Sensory hair brush created from my hair, cut by my five-year-old daughter.
    Starting August of 2017, I will be asking random people to partipate with me by creating something of […]

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    First recording of my daughter´s transitional cocoon (Kai´s house, Collserola, Spain). This cocoon is made from found silk cut into strips and crocheted into a shape big enough […]

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    Postcard Collective (participation)

    This year, 2016, somanyprojects was selected to participate in The Postcard Collective.  "Polarities"
    After thinking about types of polarities, I was drawn toward the concept of Universal Polarity (multiversal polarity?) […]

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    A Touch of Child

    Series of short pose sketches made in Cercle Artistic de Sant LLuc, later painted together with my three year old daughter.  An investigation of contemporary figurative expression trying to find […]

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    Get Off The Couch

    This is the first stage of experimenting with a couch from Ricard´s childhood.  Originally, it was understood that the couch was stuffed with feathers.  I wanted to reuse them... only […]

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    This is a series about self-identity created for Cercle Artistic de Sant LLuc Col·lectiva '14,  selected for the Selectionats '14 exhibition.   The technique was inspired by  a trip with my […]

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    Sketches From Spain

    Sketches from Cercle Artistic de Sant Lluc.  The artist circle of Sant LLuc was founded in Barcelona in 1892.  Women were not allowed to participate in the group until 1920.   […]

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    Short Stories From Spain

    These images come from an old photo ablum that I found in the antique market Les Encants of Barcelona.  I made a series of short stories placing random images into […]

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    Golden Salvage

    Project dedicated to discarded paintings.  There are theories that the eye and movement of an artist (or viewer) is naturally drawn toward the dimensions of the golden rectangle.  I have been […]

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    Street Clothes Rug

    Rug woven with clothes found in the street.  Special thanks to Anna Sadurni for helping me with her loom.

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    M.I.A.U. Invitaiton to participate in MIAU, Mostra International d’Art Urbà.  This project became the clean-up of an abandoned thermal water laundry... with the intention to returned it to the people as […]

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    Homage to Alzheimer´s

    My grandmother and my husband Ricard´s grandmother left this world with diffracted understandings of their surroundings.  My nanny went her way with Alzheimer’s and Ricard´s avia went her way with […]

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    Homeless Cart

    Homeless carts.  This is a couples' storefront-home set that could have been used separately or jointly.  The carts were created using the existing materials in the artist studio of the […]

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    Can Ricart Shrine

    Shrine made in front of Can Ricart in October, 2005.  Can Ricart was a cluster of small businesses and artists' workshops functioning inside various spaces of a factory built in […]

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    Abandoned Cases

    One day I began to notice the usual occurrence of abandoned suitcases around Barcelona.  Perhaps it is because Barcelona is a tourist destination or just the revolving door of a […]

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    Peep Gallery

    Investigation of long-term abandoned spaces.  This was an on going project of using old wool mattresses found on the sidewalk.

    Bo Peep Gallery 2007.  PUBLIC  Tallers Oberts de Gracia (open […]

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    Taronja (de la monja)

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    Mutation Sensation

    Visit mutationsensation.com for full story.

    Visit mutationsensation.com for more info.

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    Dream Journal Collage

    Pages from dream journal removed and taped together into 2m x 1.5 m image.  The  ink was made from ashes of previous dream page stars.  Dream page stars are 3 […]

  • La Polea Gallery

    La Polea Gallery

    Art Trade work in progress...


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    Espacio Änima

    More info:  espacioanimaproject@wordpress.com

    Espacio Änima is a collective memory string project with Joana Palácios, Anna McNeil, Ingrid Esperanza, Ayelén Cantini, Charity Blansit and Natalia Barraza.


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    Dec. 2006. Interaction with Basurama Basurama: creativity and trash, featuring Tytti Thusberg, in the Moda Limpia Festival sposored by SETEM.  This was the process of a month collecting and […]