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Caldes 00

M.I.A.U. Invitaiton to participate in MIAU, Mostra International d’Art Urbà.  This project became the clean-up of an abandoned thermal water laundry… with the intention to returned it to the people as a public bathing pool.  According to the memory of the residents of Caldes de Montbui, the thermal laundry (safareig) had been unused for approximately 25 years.  Somanyprojects participated in MIAU  and continued to use the safareig to soak with friends for a couple years.  The space has sequentially been used in MIAU festivals in the years leading up to the present restoration of the space.

The space restored today:    Els Banys Termals El Safareig

images of somanyprojects´ first encounter:

Homage to Alzheimer´s

RU 00

My grandmother and my husband Ricard´s grandmother left this world with diffracted understandings of their surroundings.  My nanny went her way with Alzheimer’s and Ricard´s avia went her way with dementia.  The photo series with book is about trying to read underwater quotations of  “great thinkers” that my mother sent to me while caring for her mother at home.  My childhood connection to an immense body of saltwater came from my grandmother.  Photos by Laia Ribé.