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Can I Touch?

Can I Touch It? from crow llona on Vimeo.


Nexos expo together with Anna McNeil


Salas Gallery


functions lost


I finally went through “the box” of objects stored away on a corner of my always messy studio tables. Three years ago I emptied the vintage letter press drawers we have mounted on the wall. Our daughter grew tall enough to reach them. I had a collection of hundreds of objects, some were odd emotional pieces of memories: favorite tea cup handle, piece of trunk of bonsai tree, hummingbird from music box, dried candied egg yoke…. I finally made a decision to throw away the ones above. Let go… Diogenes, timed out.  After studying Psychology, my mother used the “time-out” technique with her children when we lost control. I remember the chair next to the laundry room in front of her collection of tiny objects. Ceramic plates and bowls with cobalt blue prints. A yellow canary that I broke and felt deeply horrible about. I had broken it on purpose in a time-out session. I glued it back together and still own it in my Missouri keepsake cabinet made by my father. These objects  reminded me to sit down and think about what it all means, and then let go.

Brad Noble laser guided painting

laser gided painting

I will be assisting Brad Noble in a laser guided painting at Cercle Artistic de Sant LLuc.

It is a collaborative project of Noble invovling any viewer willing to participate.

February 25th, 18h


Red Sand Project by Molly Gochman


Recently I made a trip home across the Atlantic with my daugher… the first time making the trip without my husband.  Perhaps as an act of getting any fears topped straight off, my satchel was lost or stolen during our transfer in Paris.  I had stopped in the middle of hords of people because my daughter needed me to carry her in her child backpack.   I set my satchel down in the process.   I placed my daughter on my back and walked about 25 meters before I realized my satchel was no longer with us.  I could barley breath.  No passports, credit cards, phone, cash, plane tickets.  Nothing.  I don’t remember if I ever felt panic before.  I won’t say that again unless I lose my memory.  Luckily, the bag showed up in lost-and-found an hour or two later with a foolish amount of cash missing.  While the airline was searching we were graced by a stranger who overheard our dilemma; he let us use his phone and gave us pay-it-forward money.  The airline and Paris police treated us with a lot of respect.  We were rebooked on a flight out the following morning.  Through all this terrifying experience I had the Red Sand Project of Molly Gochman fresh in my mind.  I had ordered her sand to be delivered both to Missouri to use while I was visiting and to Barcelona to use when I returned.  I kept telling myself everything will be okay because I have a web of family and friends who would find a way to get me home.  I was an emotional mess, but my core remained safe.  I thought about the red sand being poured into cracks… of the millions of people who have next to nothing and remain stuck in that predicament.  I felt their desperation for a brief moment.  I wept once my daughter fell asleep in the hotel.  She was amazing and supportive with her three year old simplicity.  The next morning we flew to the calm of the Ozark Mountains where the Red Sand Project arrived in the mail a week later.  I used the red sand in a crack at The Drew Lewis Foundation at The Fairbanks, a project of my younger sister involving the restoration of an abandoned school.  She purchased The Fairbanks School to restore as a community center in a low-income neighborhood.  Back in Barcelona my daughter and I filled in cracks at the Cercle Artistic de Sant LLuc (above image).  This year they are focusing on art related to conflict.  I look at cracks now with different eyes.  I see a struggle trying to transform.  I feel empowered and grateful that Gochman gave me this new artistic tool to visually communicate a dream for change.

As a later note, I discovered through the Good Magazine (where I also discovered Molly) that airline companies are trying to train their employees to recognise human trafficking.  It had never occurred to me that I could be in a seat next to somebody slipping through a crack.

RCAC 6x6x2015

6x6x2015_rochester6x6x2015 Rochester Contemporary Art Center6x6x2014-web

Oracle, sketch from Sant Lluc on page from late 1800´s

Anna McNeil Inside the Studio

Anna McNeil_Inside the Studio  from Saatchi Art

I recently photographed and recorded Anna McNeil in her studio.  The footage was later edited by McNeil´s brother.


Visual Aids Benefit

visual aids


 Visual Aids donation.

Host Gallery: Luhring Augustine
Preview Party: Friday, February 6, 2015, 6-8 PM

Benefit Sale: February 7-8, 2015

Say “Hi” to Tom


say hi to tompostcard participation in “say hi to tom” by Christina Schultz

collage of sant lluc sketch

on (postcard) image by: Fernando Zobel, Ornitóptero nº 545, 1962

as postcard from: Museu De Arte Abstracto Español


After creating and sending this image for Christina… I realized she was looking for tourist postcards to manipulate herself.

I later sent her the following postcard sent to me from Denmark by a friend.

say hi to tom 2